“When I first met you I was in a very dark place. I had carried the burden of my eating disorder for over 30 years, and I felt I could never be free of it. And anyway, I thought it was all my fault so I didn’t deserve to be free. But after all these sessions with you I have been able to face what brought me here. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. I can’t thank you enough.” –  Stella, 51.


“Julie is amazing. She is able to make you understand very complex issues in a down-to-earth yet very professional way.” – workshop participant.


“Before I started my sessions with Julie my eating was terrible. I thought nothing of eating six packets of crisps, four chocolate bars, bags of sweets in one sitting and this was most days. My eating is so much better and healthier now thanks to Julie’s amazing help.

I’ve never really liked myself before but slowly I’ve become to really like me which feels wonderful. I’ve learnt you can get better and enjoy food and not feel the need to emotionally or binge eat to feel better. The future is looking very positive and that makes me feel so happy after years of being so unhappy and not liking me. I eat what I want, when I want now and that is so liberating.” – Rosie, 48.


“I now understand why diets haven’t worked in the past and that I’m not a failure because of it.” – workshop participant.


“Before I started working with Julie I had a lot of rules around food which I could never follow, learned from years of participating in diet after diet. Julie helped me unlearn these rules and learn to trust that my body will tell me what and when to eat. Through her workshops and individual counselling, I was able to heal my relationship with food and gain a better understanding of myself.” – Susannah, 46.


“Food has lost its control over me. I have never enjoyed my food more and feel peaceful about my eating.” – workshop participant.


“I can’t thank Julie enough. Her understanding, compassion and fabulous humour have really helped me in tackling some long-held beliefs. She has given me the tools to address my emotional overeating.” – Sal, 43.


“It has been an enlightening experience, a journey that I wish I had taken years ago.  A new way of thinking about food and myself – it has been extremely empowering.” – workshop participant.


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