**Due to the Covid-19 crisis, I’m no longer able to offer face to face counselling. I’m very happy, however, to provide online counselling via Zoom for existing clients only.


The eatonomy group is suspended until further notice.



Questions the eatonomy group have explored so far in 2020:

January: “What’s the Downside of Daydreaming?

February: “How Do You Soothe Yourself Without Food?

March: No session (cancelled due to Coronavirus crisis)


Questions we explored in 2019:

January – “How Are You Going to Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

February – “What Mask Do You Wear?

March – “Are You Committed to Your Destination?

April – “What Do Other People Think of You?

May – “How Do You Prove to Yourself That You Care?

June – “Why Should We Be Ashamed of Our Bodies?

July – “What’s the Point?

August – No group session (blogging break)

September – “How Much is Enough?

October – “Who Do You Trust?

November – “Can You Forgive Yourself?”

December – No group session (Christmas)