Therapy headerEating should be an easy and natural process. Sadly, for many of us it’s a confusing and distressing experience, made worse by the vast amount of information and opinion about how we “should” eat.

I work exclusively with people struggling with compulsive eating, emotional eating, binge eating and binge eating disorder (BED)*.

I’ll help you tune out the noise and tune into what your mind and body are telling you. I’ll support you to make sense of your dysfunctional relationship with food by uncovering, at a deep psychological level, what really drives your eating behaviour.

We’ll explore your authentic emotional needs so you can improve your relationship with yourself, discover your personal autonomy with food and start to feel in charge of your eating.

I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP) and I specialise in working with clients who are also highly sensitive. To explore if you might be a highly sensitive person, please click here.

For details of my qualifications, fees and availability, please see my profile on the Counselling Directory.


I offer individual and group supervision to trainee and post-qualification counsellors and therapists, especially those working with clients struggling with binge eating disorder and other emotion-driven overeating issues.

For details of my fees and availability, please see my Supervisor profile on the Counselling Directory.


Binge eating disorder and emotion-driven overeating are complex psychological issues that are largely misunderstood.

I provide training and consultancy to mental health practitioners and medical professionals so you can work more effectively with clients and patients suffering with these issues.

Please contact me to discuss your training requirements.


* Please note I work with clients who don’t compensate for their binge eating or overeating by restricting, vomiting, using laxatives or over-exercising. Therefore, my practice isn’t suitable for people struggling with bulimia nervosa.  To find help with this issue, please click here.