Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the eatonomy group session on Saturday 29th June. The question we tackled was”Why Should We Be Ashamed of Our Bodies?“. Participants explored their issues with body image and how to improve their relationship with their bodies.

Booking is now open for the next eatonomy group session on Saturday 27th July. We’ll be exploring hope and hopelessness with the question “What’s the Point?“.

If you’re interested in joining us – and you’re very welcome to do so – please see the Community page. The group is very small and so early booking is recommended.

You can email for further details and to book a place using the Contact form.


Additional questions for eatonomy group members:

  • Can you identify if you have a Hopeless Side?
  • If so, what are some of the things it says to you?
  • What might it be trying to protect you from?
  • Other than the suggestions I give in the blog post, what might you say back to it?
  • What effect would that have on your relationship with food and yourself?


Please note there won’t be an eatonomy group session in August as I’ll be taking a blogging break that month.


Questions explored so far in 2019:

January – “How Are You Going to Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

February – “What Mask Do You Wear?

March – “Are You Committed to Your Destination?

April – “What Do Other People Think of You?

May – “How Do You Prove to Yourself That You Care?

June – “Why Should We Be Ashamed of Our Bodies?